Corporate Broadband Internet

For all businesses who want a reliable high speed Internet connection, we propose several options for dedicated bandwidth based on individual needs.

Moreover, the Internet connection equipment is given free for the duration of the contract.

Finally additional professional services are offered to corporate clients such as email hosting, web hosting, allocation of public IP addresses, assistance in troubleshooting of their network, domain names registration, installation of network, network equipment supply, etc ... So, join us and you will appreciate our concept of all IT services all under one roof.

Residential broadband Internet

We offer several options for broadband with a shared bandwidth for residential use with very affordable prices. Thus, our customers can enjoy the many benefits of the Internet as skype calls, videos streaming, easy browsing of web sites with image contents like facebook, etc

Rural broadband Internet

For users living in rural areas, we offer Get2Net service operating via Astra2Connect which allows broadband options wherever you live.
The Get2Net offers range from 512 kbps up to 10 Mbps shared with a fair use policy that allows most of the users to enjoy their broadband