About us

Founded in 1999 by a group of burundian businessmen, CBINET is the leading ISP in Burundi. Since that time, it has helped companies and individuals to take full advantage of the strengths of the ICT, offering a variety of services at the lowest cost, depending on the needs of its customers.

As a pioneer of Internet services in Burundi, CBINET has consistently worked to make the Internet a powerful tool for businesses and individuals. It has developed a professional and qualified team in order to help its customers to win new business opportunities.

Thanks to its efficient organization and human resources with very good training skills and with a long experience in ICT, CBINET remains a national benchmark in providing access to the Internet and related services including: VoIP services, network installation (wired or wireless), interconnection services, supply and maintenance of computer equipment, supply, installation and maintenance of VSAT, installation of mail servers, proxy servers , web servers, VoIP servers, web hosting, domain name registration, provision of public IP addresses etc..

Thanks to its innovative spirit, CBINET invented free residential connections depending on the bandwidth purchased at the office. This allows thousands of Burundian executives and expatriates to continue working at home while enjoying Internet connection underwritten by their firms. Moreover, CBINET has developed powerful tools for parental control for all customers who are interested in.

Finally, considering that the rural area also has its place in the spectacular development of Information Technology, CBINET also offers broadband services in the country in partnership with Get2Net based in Nairobi.

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